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After changing country in 1997 and graduating from university in 2004, I was looking for my way in life.

I discovered yoga in 2006 during a stay abroad. At the time I needed to focus my energy and realize my project: to help others. I was on a humanitarian mission.

I have practiced yoga regularly ever since. Naturally curious I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the universe of yoga, meditation and spirituality.

I decided to become a teacher to share my passion and continue to help others in another way.
I am a certified Yoga Alliance teacher with 200h.

I studied at the International Yoga Sivananda Vedanta School in 2014.

I also studied  Yoga Hormon Therapy with the fantastic Dina Rodrigues (the founder), in 2015.

My vision of yoga

Yoga offers us the opportunity to :

  • explore our body,
  • breathing more intentionally,
  • developing greater awareness,
  • identifying our physical and emotional sensations through the unique combination of breathing and movement,
  • to make the experience to be rewarded for his engagement in this discipline.


As a language teacher, I enjoy teaching yoga with humility and in good humor yoga practice.

A lesson is a time for oneself, to recharge in the middle of our day, which can sometimes become frenetic.

I like the idea of being able to help refocus, listen, relax. I have found my way.

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