The 5 points of Yoga Sivananda

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Swami Sivananda developped five essential principles bringing together in one yoga Indian sages’ philosophy. This way everyone can incorporate it into their daily lives. The program aims to preserve the vitality and minimize the risk of disease, simply by following … Continued

Hatha Yoga

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Une définition Le Hatha Yoga vise à unifier les énergies de l’Ha et du Tha par la fusion de souffle et l’esprit dans le centre du corps, au cœur. Hatha Yoga équilibre l’énergie rafraichissante de la lune (ha) avec l’énergie … Continued

The Four Paths

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The tradition identifies four paths of Yoga. They are not separate ways. Each path is closely linked to the others. The alliance of four allows the harmonious development of emotions, mind and body. We distinguish them for a better understanding. But they … Continued

Therapeutic Hormone Yoga

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Hormone Yoga is a natural therapeutic method. The technique consists of a unique sequence of dynamic yoga postures inspired by Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and the Yoga of the energy associated with intense breathing and a Tibetan technique of energy … Continued